Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Evolve Animal Services, LLC

Nutrition and Environmental Enrichment are key components of overall health and well-being for all animals.  Evolve Animal Services, LLC has been developed to promote animal health through nutrition, enrichment, and training.  By understanding metabolism, science, natural history and normal animal behavior, we can develop plans for optimizing animal health.
Consulting services are available and information on those available services are located on our website.
The goal of this blog is to educate animal owners  on issues related to nutrition, enrichment and training.  It will primarily be focused on nutrition and enriching home environments for pets in a practical way.  When it comes to dogs and cats, both are members of the mammalian order, Carnivora.  In other words, they are carnivores.  Carnivores that we humans choose to live with.  My comparative background provides a unique perspective into understanding the unique needs of dogs and cats nutritionally as they have evolved to co-exist with us.

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